Friday, March 11, 2011

the best foil glue ever. problems solved!!!!

here is the glue you need when you are doing nail art using eyeshadows, pigments (same thing) or foiling. eyeshadow in nail art i have been doing since 1997 and have used 50 different glues to try and get good results. this is the best glue i have used for the job so far. it is at and i love it. if i find a better glue to use eyeshadow for nail art, i will tell you so subscribe to my channel on youtube, robinmosesnailart and start shadowing your nails to match your eyeshadow to your nails!

as you know, foil glue has been horrible to find in other countries. i have tested 20 glues in the past 2 months or so and TIME AND AGAIN they cracked and pulled or didnt dry and ..........FINALLY I HAVE FOUND THE UNICORN!!!!!!!! its called "the best glue ever" and it certainly holds the foils, the glitters, the pigments and everything you need it to hold in place so you can make the most badass nail art ever. please get it and learn my art and share my art and tell everyone about my art!!!! i need YOU to help me get my art out all over the, finding this glue is going to help a lot, but i still need you guys to give me SHOUT OUTS all you can! much much love and happy foiling!!!!!!!


please watch how this glue was made and it makes me that much more excited!


  1. That sounds amazing =) .....but um where can you buy it from??

  2. Were can it be purchased? Thanks for sharing :)

  3. sells the glue.

    Wow, Robin! What made you think to try this glue!

    It is made by ScraPerfect--originally for the crafting market.. so and check your local scrapbook or craft store!

  4. hi scraperfect! because in scrapbooking there is so much foiling but lots of foiling glue take a long time to dry........this one said it, i really did search for something workable and affordable and accessible world wide...people in the US can get foil glue pretty easily, but in other countries it is just unheard of...this glue is more universal and i think it works better! so i am happy i looked!!!! cheeeeers to the best glue ever!!!!!

    plus? it lasts just need a little dot for the whole set of nails!

  5. Robin-
    I have something else I bet you're gonna love. It's called Embellie Gellie. It also was created for the craft market but I always thought it would be GREAT for nails! Check it out on my website or on youtube. If you think it's something you'd like to try,I would be happy to send you some! Email me with your address:)

  6. PS...The Best Glue Ever is marketed to the craft industry and has not been evaluated or promoted for other applications.