Monday, March 28, 2011

foil glue blurb

attn!!!! *laughing*

okay..we all know foil glue is the unicorn of nail art supplies. it is hard to find. yes. but, i  need to clear something up. you dont paint your nails with it! hahahahahaahah its glue! it peels right off! please make sure your nails have 2-3 coats of polish on and its DRY, or gel, (i prefer acrylic) i LOVE acrylic, i am an avid user of keeps my nail art..acrylic is a base that all crafting can be done on without problems.....stones stick better, my portraits stay longer, the topcoat cracks less...for me, acrylic is a wonder for my nails to look and act SHARP......

if you paint a natural nail with glue..its gonna come off in a peel just like it did when you were little and you painted your nails with elmers (did everyone do that or just me?)..... foil glue is meant to craft foil on the prepared nail surface.  all of your art and time and effort will be destroyed if you do it that way!!!!!

prepare the your art...topcoat the nail with a good topcoat...your art is sandwiched in between ----....the fake nail and polish/the art/ the topcoat.

the art is protected on BOTH is sandwiched.....if you do not sandwich it, it will be LOST........i have answered this question many hopefully this post will clear up the questions.

1. acrylic or gel (with polish/varnish)
2. art (paint, foil, glues, rhinestones, beads, shells, mylar,)
3. topcoat (clear varnish, sealant, protective clear covering)

i use pro finish uv GOLD topcoat by creative nail

for foil glue i use a crafting glue called 'the best glue ever' and i use another foil glue you can buy at in the foiling section called "foil art adhesive"

i like the best glue ever, but it is not a can do just as good with the other and the other will ship, i hope this post helps...i will direct the questions i get about this to this page :) much love and remember

HAVE FUN PAINTING NAIL ART AND EXPERIMENT WITH DIFFERENT THINGS.....I DO ALL OF THE TIME.. i am constantly changing what i use and what i love....keeping my art fresh.....please dont be afraid to try new things and have fun making beautiful nails!!!!!

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  1. Do you dilute or mix the glue with anything before applying it to your nails?