Wednesday, March 30, 2011

if i give, do i receive? yep...i do.

here is my story in nails magazine this month. basically it is me saying that i am giving away my nail art for the most part (excluding big business) in order to gain fans, notoriety and a base of people who appreciate my hard work in exchange for them passing my name to girls who are creative and really want to learn something fun, have fun, be more self confident and learn a trade that will give them a better life for themselves...something they can always fall back on. in turn, i want to carve a path for my art....nails magazine totally has supported me throughout this...

please, go to this link

become my 'fan' and when you do, it will help ensure new artists starting out will find me and learn nail art (even while in school!!!!!!, or it even is where schools GO to find art) so, it helps me SO MUCH if you fan me here.............if you guys stick these things everywhere and take 2 minutes to sign up (it doesnt even take an email validation) it really does help me get my nail art where i want it to go most of all.........

so i am sending out a prayer you guys see this and read it and do it right quick for me and i will be back on friday with some beautiful new stuff for you to learn :) please help pass this word out! if you can get me 100 subs...i will post a monday EXTRAVAGANZA...........I PROMISE. i will make so so awesome. so please help me!

my love and respect

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