Sunday, March 6, 2011

is it okay if i copy robins work?

hello nail art army!!!!! as you know i am new to youtube but experienced in nail art. i would like to briefly say something that i would love for you guys to read that has been on my mind. that is what blogs are for right??? hahahahahah!!!

when i decided to put up my nail art and document my life, MANY people said: "robin, why would you give your art away? that is so wrong! that is so stupid! that is so dumb! etc.

BUT..............i believe this. MOST PEOPLE ARE GOOD.  i am giving my art to you. i want to teach young people who want to learn and older people who wanted to learn but didnt have time, people interested but cant afford to take classes etc.........i want to give that, and in return........i want them/YOU/everyone watching....... to give my name out. and if you see nails out there of someone copying my work and not giving my name out, i want you guys to go behind them and say "you got that from youtubes".......not in a bad way...(as i am giving it to them,) but in a way that just allows others to say...ah, who is and they are led to my sight.......that does not take away from another persons art, but leaves us BOTH winners...........MOST IMPORTANTLY.....if we do it that way, my art isnt watered down and lost in this sea of designs and people wanting to learn wont get lost and never learn.... must have a source...and if you guys do that for me, i will become a solid name and source for people who want to learn.... and when i do become a source of teaching, that will lead me to my dream-----which is to just teach online ALWAYS and paint paintings for galleries that are shown all over the world. it is very important to me and i believe it will happen.

thats why i am doing this. i got 10 messages this week asking WHY i am doing this.....and i believe it is a new give completely....what comes back in return is so many wonderful people have made me believe i am 100%, i thought i would share.....that is what a blog is for i think....but since i am new to blogging...that is what MY blog is for at least :) hahahahahaha

much love, pass my name, link my name to things you see of mine NOT linked to my name and enjoy my art and have fun and learn and enjoy the creations you manifest for yourself and others :)

love and respect,


  1. I appreciate you being generous enough to show us your talent. Thank you for sharing x

  2. Yes! Thank you for sharing your experience! I definetly share your name to the girls at my cosmetology school, The Rudy & Kelly Paul Mitchell Partner school. Youre awesome

  3. I think you're right! :)
    maybe next week I'll recreate one of your fab nail art and I'll link you :)

  4. you guys are wonderful....i also promise that if i am ever inspired by another design, i will always...always give another credit..i will yell their name out! it is important to me. :):)

  5. THANK YOU FOR SHARING! you are nail art is amazing!

  6. Yes -- thank you for sharing your talent. It bugs the heck out of me when I see people pull stuff off of the internet & not source the work. Or if they just say "from Google" -- wrong! You'd think they'd take the extra step to at least put a link back to where they lifted the art, graphic, whatever it may be...anyhoo -- ur absolutely right...bless those who take time to appreciate the source & inspiration. Take care, girl :)

  7. Thank you so much for sharing your gift! I know that my art talent is no where near yours but I believe that I can take your lessons and enhance what I do. I started Beauty school in 1980 but quit to get married and have children. While I have experienced great success in my first career working my way from a file clerk to an Executive Assistant to a CEO of a medical center. At the age of 43 (2005) I went back to beauty school and have been working as a Hairstylist ever since! My husband (a massage therapist) and myself are going into business for ourselves and I once again get to do other services such as nails...which I love! Your videos have so inspired me and I would be honored to give your blog and videos a BIG shout out!