Friday, March 11, 2011

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of course as always these designs are on my youtube! please leave me a message on my youtube page if you like having the video here or not..i think it seems easier to keep them all over at youtube and the pictures here :) thoughts!?!?!?!?


  1. i like it better with videos posted here too =)

  2. I'm ok with videos being separate and on YouTube.
    I was just thinking to myself today that lucky charm nails would be a good idea, and here you go making it so perfect! I love it.
    I just got some inaz 3d glam rock and I'm so excited to try it! Once I get my foil glue in I'm all set! I'll be sure to credit back to your art when I do that as a post on my blog.
    Your art is awesome!

  3. They are brilliant!

    What about if you put a straight link to the video (under each picture) instead of whole video?

  4. I love love love all of these. As always, great job Robin!

  5. doo! what a great idea! that is what i will do...its so easy to get to the videoo from here, but it seems to take up so much room if you are going to my youtubes, but if i just leave a link....that might be good! tell me if the next set is better or funner..i want it to be fun, accessible and workable without taking up tons of space :)
    and thank you guys so so so much :) *huge hugs all around* you guys rock

  6. these designs are amazing, in love with the first one <3 You did an amazing job :)