Monday, March 21, 2011

"spring break nail art" "silver chrome nail art" "rainbow glitter nail art" "chrome nail design" "mac reflects pearl swatch" "chrome nails"

 i have been so very, i am going to keep it light and simple this week. i am counting on you guys to spread the word for me so i can rest...........this is a LOT of work and my daughter is in town for spring, please pass the word for me and i will see you on wednesday! if i dont respond or get behind in responding to comments or questions..........apologies!!!!


  1. Omg im so relieved that no fairies were harmed in the making of that video! Rofl. You could almost retitle that look "fairy massacre"! Lol I loved it all!

  2. screamlaughing!!!!! leslie..that cracked me up!!!!!! hhahahahahaahahahahaah *high five*