Wednesday, March 9, 2011

"irish cross nail art" "poppy field nail art" "spring flower nail art" "cheetah print nail art" "cheetah face nail art" "cheetah girl nail" "animal print girl nail" "flower field nail art"


  1. Omg so beautiful I'm always so blown away by your art work! All these designs are so gorgeous and u make it look so easy!

  2. your work is awsomeeeeeee. I just started my nail tech classes to get my licence and this blog and your you tube channel is so inspiring!!!

  3. thank you guys so much :)

    leogoddess, when i start each tutorial, i get very nervous and i forget what i am saying........and i pretend i am talking to a girl just out of nail school who wants to earn a living and make people happier in their lives...i pretend that every time i turn on the camera and it makes it thank you for this comment :)

    beauxsmom, thank you so much :):) lots and lots and lots and then TONS more practice....hahahahahahah :):) i am so happy you love them, i love making them :)